Come what may!

October 16, 2009 § 5 Comments

I am not sure how and why that single line(come what may!) inspires me so much to do all crazy things! And be the way I am.

There is no easy way out!

Some things are worth fighting for some feelings never die!

Very curious. Come what may, I am going to get drenched in the rain or would crack CAT (sounds so good! :)) or watch Endhiran(rajinikant’s yet to be released blockbuster) first day first show.

In the same lines, I remember a story about a Brahman priest and a crab. This priest found a crab in the pond shore. He took it, dropped outside the shore area in sand. The crab stung the priest and went to the pond again. He took the crab out to the sand and got stung again. A passerby watched all these and asked the priest “I don’t get you. No matter how many times you try to get the crab out, its going to sting and go back to pond. So, why do you do that?” The priest replied, “If the crab does not change its habit, why should I?”

What a bold statement. I like the audacity in his words, so, carelessly bold to be himself, come what may! I also tend to think, is it not being adamant? A refusal to change even though you know, you are gonna fail at the end or lose your loved ones? Or get killed, in the priest’s case.

Some times it looks like the perfect argument/solution for almost many issues and at times totally absurd! I don think I would be able to decide.

But, if you ever feel low or not sure of something, say this to yourself,

Come What May! Whatever the f*** may…

OK, off to crash. 🙂 Good night!

Arun Vallappan


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§ 5 Responses to Come what may!

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