Prezi stands for Kick-ass

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Prezi is a creative tool to make stylish presentations, in a way like MicroSoft’s or Google’s Power point. Unlike the existing ones where content is placed on each slide, here content is placed on a huge board.

When its time to move to the next block of content, the screen view glides over to area. The creators of prezi feel, the traditional way of flicking to the next slide, cause a temporary distraction, which is completely avoided here. I love the way the view changes to next content block. Really fast & awesome.

A showcase presentation

It has both an online and desktop version. The desktop version & online version usage past 100 MB costs aligning with the freemium model. Other features are,

  1. Add media (images, videos, sounds)
  2. After adding bits of content (text or other media) they can be grouped, which enables resizing, moving, rotating easier.
  3. Not sure if they allow bar graphs, pie charts, etc. If not now, they could add it anytime soon.
  4. Like google docs, a prezi presentation could also be published online just for people to view without signing in.
  5. Standard set of themes available for now.

Anyone using it would look really cool, especially for business pitches and new ideas. The only concern I have is, corporate (hard core ones like Microsoft or Wells Fargo) have guidelines for creating presentations. Say, their logo needs to be present in all slides, in exactly the same way, same size, maintaining a standard distance from the border or text within.

With prezi, where the landscape for content is more fluid & seamless, how could they achieve it? Whatever, am gonna use it for my next presentation, wherever it is!

Arun Vallappan


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