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December 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

Few weeks back I happened to read one of Amitabh bachchan’s blog post. I was curious for quite some time to read celebrity blogs 🙂 Anyway, randomly scrolled down to a post and was horrified by the English language fluency shown by our Big B. I even thought this is a fake blog; such was the sentence formation & grammar.

Lucky for me, I opened another post which was written the way anyone would expect from Big B. Finally I realized, the last post was intentionally written in that way. 🙂 Thank god.

This incident reminded me of how bad my spoken/written English used to be. (Honestly feel it has got a little bit better now). Whenever there was a chance, I either conversed in Tamil (the only language am fluent at) or stuttered in English or kept my mouth shut (one of the best choices, uh?)

I am not able recollect any incidents in my school days, but definitely some in my college life. One of my friend’s dad is highly educated & learnt that he would expect a good command over English from anyone of my education. So, I made sure that I don’t converse with him at all. 🙂

Once a friend presented the majority part of a presentation which I prepared coz I was not confident enough of my communication skills. He also rescued me from some easy questions thrown at me. 🙂 I have been embarrassed many times coz I was not able to give a sounding reply & instead just smile. WTF?

Though, sometimes these events could sound funny, in reality it’s not. When I realise that many doors would remain shut unless someone proves their communication skills, it does pain a lot. Whenever I try to express myself in this foreign language called English, I end up sounding rude. The simple reason being my vocabulary not big enough to identify each thought or feeling. So, in place of a more cordial sentence/word I use the only one which I know of…which obviously may not be the best possible one.

Things have changed for good now. 🙂 Some dean of a college in Chennai, said, my style does not seem influenced by my mother tongue. Also, happened to call up my friend’s dad recently & needless to say, I was on my own, words just flowing. 🙂 Awesome!

Ok, when I say the above things, please don’t think that am showing off. It’s similar to what a kid goes through when she sees an aeroplane. The ebullient “Yah, I saw an aeroplane”.

Same way, it’s my discovery of how to express.

P.S: If there are any grammatical mistakes in my posts or more specifically, pls do point it out!

Arun Vallappan

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