Love of my life

September 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long time, since i posted something, 🙂 but last few months have been raising hell. just like that, shot in titanic, where the ship sails fine (for couple of hours) after hitting the glacier, in retrospect, things look quite!

neway, i just want to tell one thing! more often than not, we associate words & emotions with different people/places. like, say, i hear delhi or any part in north India, am tempted to think of college days or football, i would tend to remember my school days coz thats when i played it last (ok, shakira would also pop up 🙂 )

but, i guess there could be only one person who would come to mind when one hears anything related to love or feel a breezy evening, beautiful morning or get up in the middle of a night or watch an awesome movie, when all you want to do is just sit quiet with that person, may be hold hands, you could look in the eye…

It’s a beautiful feeling !

Arun Vallappan



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