Making up with the little one

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I never really understood why, from the very 1st day of our introduction, we never got along well. She starts making faces when I try to get near her. On the verge of crying as I get in a hand’s length. And definitely screams at anywhere closer on any direction! Whenever we make eye contact, she never misses to make that symbol with hand that meansĀ  “I am at war with you, buddy!”

Playing with hair oil and face powder. Typical, is nt it?

Hmm. Seeing her run around happily with the rest of the folks did cause a bit of mixed reactions. In a way its justified, I guess given that I was the youngest kid in my family and not many of my closest relatives have kids, I have not spent an enriching time with kids. That’s bad luck.

I have known her since (her) birth. Till, may be, her 7th month into the world, she cried all the time. If there was one moment, when she did n’t cry, it was during her sleep. Needless to mention that she sleeps after exhausting all the energy by crying! So, miserable to her mom and people like me to witness such a state of agony. Anyway..

Now, in her infant mumblings of words, pranks, she means the world to people around.

Last night, our relation took a big turn for the good. Her words were directed at me, so were her little fingers.. She buzzed “zooo zoooooo”, flying past me, her way of snuggling with people! Finally, she made that elusive symbol that signified “We are good! :)”.

The world does get a little bit better !!


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