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September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

A caution : This one below somehow got stuck in my drafts for a long time (6 months actually!  :)). I hope it’s not too distant.

How do we inspire someone? In the sense, become more than an object of likeness and cross the point where people like to emulate you and take your ideas?


Entrepreneurs inspire me a lot. Even if he is a founder of a failed start-up or an once-upon-a-time successful company. A successful business man like Sunil Mittal or L N Mittal, yes, they definitely are in the top league.. and inspire me.

Scientists?? Sure, they are the creme de la creme in their own field. When Feynman talks about thought-process it inspires me. I look silently and wow at their passion in research and continued dedication towards their interest.

I will always love, respect and honour you no matter what may happen in the future

I will always love, respect and honor you no matter what may happen in the future

Politicians who have made it big. Yep, Vajypayee or Karunanidhi (for the wrong reasons). Rahul Gandhi, inspires a lot of young generation voters in the country. Definitely worth emulating him.

So, do we get inspired by people who does things with their life, which we actually wanted to do? Or want to do in the future? Or something which we failed to do and someone else picked it up successfully? Looks like a close cut?

But, I see one similarity between all the above people. All of them did what they wanted to do, with full heart. Never complained about being themselves. They are more happy and satisfied to be the way they are knowing that in their brief existence in the planet they did their best to live life to the fullest, listening to their heart instead of mind. Captain Gopinath! Another man who resigned his army career in 70’s with just 6000 rupees and no clear intention of what he would do next. He became a farmer, udipi hotel owner, stock broker, automobile dealer…and finally what we all know of him, someone who started Air Deccan! 🙂

Coming back to what it takes to inspire someone..

Truth! Truth seems to be the real inspiration!

Arun Vallappan


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