Crash Landing of 5150

October 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

Haa, Last week we (all of us in Cohort J) gave a presentation on our 6-week sustainability project. 4 teams basically.

I felt that one of the teams did an out-rightly lousy job because their final recommendation to their client was to cut down costs, to become more innovative and one more on similar lines.

But, come on, does n’t that apply to every company of this age? You can say the same thing for Microsoft, Apple, or even a 1-day old company. Does 7 people need to work for 6 weeks, which could equal a minimum of 200 hours to suggest this?

Normally, I have an inclination for simple solutions, but, general/common solutions? Not convinced… How to evaluate a solution?

Hmm.. 😉

P.S: 5150 is the course code of our Sustainability project

– Arun Vallappan


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§ 2 Responses to Crash Landing of 5150

  • Sathya says:

    Grow up man. Different people think different. Your criticism is welcome but People who worked on the project know more than a last minute observer, you. You can’t tell an almost bankrupt company with top executives leaving to be extremely innovative and invest more when they are losing market share. In our case, Money not lost is money gained. Even The most influential person in the world Obama couldnt start with totally innovative approach. Obama is still struggling to establish a stable sustainable economy. Our case is similar just smaller in scale. For us sustainability is important at this time for our company to rise into innovation again. Every project was good and bad to different people, your project fits there too. Anyway, tc man.

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