An Outlying Dream

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dreams –

No idea how they form, why they occur, what they mean.. but man, they are so good. May be dreams are a way of remembering our past..?  I think there should be many categories of dreams. Some fall under “I wish it was this way”, “most pressing issue or thought in the present”..

Of the many dreams i have had, one that stands out is in which, I do something so horrible (i dont even want to mention), that I wonder, “How can this happen, am not such a bad person, may be this should be a dream”, and then I wake up.

The below one I had now, i think is an outlier too..

(some background information – my grand-mom passed away couple of years back. actually she brought me up. in the last few months, i shifted with my parents to a new house)

So, the dream happens in the old house, hall, sit-out, everything so clean and looking true! My grand-mom says she’s gonna leave. I kiss her bye on her cheeks and break down, crying. In a sublime way i realize she’s not going to come back. my mom looks at me from the sit-out quietly. she does not say a word.

something i don’t understand – though this dream happens in the past, the present state (where my grandmom is nt there), seems to have been known to me. + my grand-mom has not seen the new house. Is that why, the location was the old one? also, can a dream feature a group conversation, say three or four people including the dreamer?

then in another part of the dream, in my bedroom, within the same old house, i open up Google to check the time. Because, am not sure, how can i be in India, while I should be in Toronto! And normally to check the current time at another part on the world, I use Google. So, same way, I start with “Time at Canada”, hoping I can search for “Time at India” after that.

A page pops up, the usual one, in which at the top left , near the search box, current date/time is normally shown. But, the time/date text seems fluctuating, like so rapidly, its a blur! Am like, “WTF, What’s happening”…

something i don’t understand – does the concept of dream happen in a time-frame of its own? i have never had a dream (or at least don’t remember one), in which i know the date/day in which it is happening. why? 

Then after few moments of trying hard to understand, I wake up to see my Toronto apartment! Over!

So many questions! and no answers! Uffffffffff…


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