Jihad, McWorld, Ayn Rand

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ohh man!

I was just reading up for my Marketing assignment on Jihad Vs McWorld. As it is Jihad is quite controversial and can lead to a never-ending list of why’s and why not’s..Mix it with capitalism and its implications for the marketing world. One is assured of a sleepless night!

While I can relate to many bits and pieces here, am not comfortable with my grasp. In the sense, did I reeeeeeally understand what Benjamin Barber (the author) really tried to say? …

In spite of that, went on to read opinions, reviews, the original article published in 1992 and then the actual book! Uff! Each reading seems a tad different than the original one. Now, with all surety, am going to put forth a new interpretation for my assignment…

Same case with some of those books (pillow-substitues) written by Ayn Rand or movies such as Shutter Island or Matrix or countless other works of art.. etc etc.. @#@$%^^%&^*

Was the purpose really to share knowledge/intellect or to provoke a mind resting at peace?

How to wade through the chaff ?? Is there really a deeper meaning? Can everything be attributed to a cause? The misery we (I) have got ourselves into! Amen.


– Arun Vallappan


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