What I could have done instead

October 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

On the way to lunch yesterday, in front of a subway station, I was approached by this little girl for donations to Red-cross.

Though I prefer donations to end-users directly and not to aid organizations, instead of troubling her with my preferences, ideals, etc, I did make a small donation! So far, all is well…

Later, at the other end of subway, another red-cross girl (may be it’s a school project or something!!), was collecting
funds.. Normally a gentlemanly-generous sort of person, I, for some reason chose to act otherwise this time!! ­čśÉ

Me, with a nice smiling face said – “I just made a donation to red-cross at so and so place… is it ok to pass by?”

She smilingly agreed and one was happy to finally get closer to lunch…

But what one could have┬ádone instead, is make a small donation… and probably added something like.. “This is my 2nd donation to red cross in the past 5 minutes.. but that’s ok, i really appreciate the great job you guys are doing for this… have a good day.. “

Now, how tough is that? It would have made her day and definitely mine too..

– Arun Vallappan


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