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From the movie “Into the Wild”

Happiness only real when shared


I am what I am

September 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

Recently, I watched this movie ‘Dead poets society‘, a movie worthy of one’s time. Seriously. The concept would probably be quite familiar for most people. Our own, 3 idiots gets very close to DPS, and even … nope, could n’t recollect any other one.

So, Robbin Williams plays the role of a English teacher at a boarding school which is known for its academic excellence & discipline, etc. He is portrayed as a free thinker, someone who makes new ways for himself. The movie is about encouraging people to find their inner voice & revolutionize perceptions. I am not going to narrate the full story, but just one particular scene which was well shot & provoked me. Here it goes:

The topic for that day’s class is ‘conformity’. The teacher makes 3 students walk inside quadrangle, one behind the author. Initially they start off with different speeds & rhythm. After few seconds, their steps synchronize. Left, right, left, right… Each one of thee conformed their individual, independent rhythm to match with the other two, so that it looks uniform & good. This is exactly the lesson! 🙂 The teacher goes on to question, “why did the conformation happen?”. In the teacher’s own words, (addressing his students)

.. we all have a great need for acceptance. But you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own. Even though others may think them odd or unpopular …

When people find it difficult to be a rebel or when the going gets tough, they back down. Hmm. Very interesting thought. Why should you align your interests/thoughts with the global, national, societal, family interests? Where is the real YOU?

Arun Vallappan

What would you do, If you know you can’t fail?

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Personally, I would try to do everything then, as i already know that i cannot fail or make a fool of myself. If you casually think about it, many of us do not actually be ourself.

Though we want to be/become someone, we do not do that, fear of failure, what if it does not work out the way i want it to, what if this happens or that happens.. what if’s..

But while we start to believe in ourself we should be trying out everything that comes to our mind. At one point we would realise that its just our perception which is faulty. If you have seen the movie Yes Man, thats the theme. Jim carry plays as a totally disinterested-in-life character when he comes to know of a cult, people belonging to which must say YES to anything/everything asked for.

So, now he goes on to explore life, learning languages guitar, goes for jogging, etc.

Yes Man

It’s a good one which sets life in motion. Watch it sometime.

Arun Vallappan

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