To move to China or Not

October 1, 2009 § 4 Comments

Today morning, I read an article on the last 60 years in Chinese history. As we know China, it’s basically a super-power, prosperous, leaping forward..But little did I know of its troubled past. From the 1950’s to mid 60’s there had been devastating famines followed by violent cultural revolutions till mid 70’s. After opening up the economy and financial reforms on 1978, there has been no turning back for the country. Great show.

China Flag

Though, China is an acknowledged emerging super-power because of its Growth rate, GDP, Nuclear weapons, Olympic medals.. Whenever media compares its growth story with India, I try to find reasons for why India is a better country and always manage to convince myself. (We all do, right?) Few of them are..

1. India being democratic where more power lie with the People.

2. 1 child per family. Though, it does not bother me much I tend to ask, why does the state interfere in personal matters?

3. More rigid rules in everything

4. ..Another hidden reason could be, I want India to be the best..

Or, for the 60-year celebration today, people were cleared out of the main streets or airport closed for 3 hours or residents along the parade route ordered not to open their windows during the event or knife sales temporarily banned in some stores. Even air-space is being cleared out of any flying of pigeons and kites. It is a huge disturbance in personal life but just security arrangements.

But one can’t deny the fact that in China in the last 30 years, poverty from 30% has gone down to 2%, with more population than India or rising to the 3rd biggest economy. Not to mention the stellar performance in Beijing Olympics 2008 and increase in FDI, etc.

So, now the question, is freedom and democracy worth more than progress? Or how well have we used our freedom to think and act? China’s Premier Wen Jiabao does not foresee competitive elections in China in 25 years’ time. That’s OK. It’s far better than the corrupt elections in India where votes are bought (Rs.500 per vote in Madurai elections). Do we have a fake democracy?

Mrs. Le Tian (62), Chinese citizen says,

The biggest difference now (compared to the 60’s) is we don’t have to worry about basic things like food, or my family’s safety. Now my worries are different, my problems are spiritual. And i guess, that is progress.

I can’t help but agree with her. Starting to think, to keep my spirit alive I should move to China. Anyone coming? 😛

Arun Vallappan


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