An Outlying Dream

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Dreams –

No idea how they form, why they occur, what they mean.. but man, they are so good. May be dreams are a way of remembering our past..?  I think there should be many categories of dreams. Some fall under “I wish it was this way”, “most pressing issue or thought in the present”..

Of the many dreams i have had, one that stands out is in which, I do something so horrible (i dont even want to mention), that I wonder, “How can this happen, am not such a bad person, may be this should be a dream”, and then I wake up.

The below one I had now, i think is an outlier too..

(some background information – my grand-mom passed away couple of years back. actually she brought me up. in the last few months, i shifted with my parents to a new house)

So, the dream happens in the old house, hall, sit-out, everything so clean and looking true! My grand-mom says she’s gonna leave. I kiss her bye on her cheeks and break down, crying. In a sublime way i realize she’s not going to come back. my mom looks at me from the sit-out quietly. she does not say a word.

something i don’t understand – though this dream happens in the past, the present state (where my grandmom is nt there), seems to have been known to me. + my grand-mom has not seen the new house. Is that why, the location was the old one? also, can a dream feature a group conversation, say three or four people including the dreamer?

then in another part of the dream, in my bedroom, within the same old house, i open up Google to check the time. Because, am not sure, how can i be in India, while I should be in Toronto! And normally to check the current time at another part on the world, I use Google. So, same way, I start with “Time at Canada”, hoping I can search for “Time at India” after that.

A page pops up, the usual one, in which at the top left , near the search box, current date/time is normally shown. But, the time/date text seems fluctuating, like so rapidly, its a blur! Am like, “WTF, What’s happening”…

something i don’t understand – does the concept of dream happen in a time-frame of its own? i have never had a dream (or at least don’t remember one), in which i know the date/day in which it is happening. why? 

Then after few moments of trying hard to understand, I wake up to see my Toronto apartment! Over!

So many questions! and no answers! Uffffffffff…



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Do you multi task?  If yes you should definitely read this. Stanford researchers have proved that multi-tasking more than often distracts your mind than helping it. I could remember my mom telling me “Do one thing at the time; What’s the hurry?”. All these years, I have been thinking, its genius to be able to do so many things at the same time. But with research findings not in my side, may be its time to a take serious look.


Three different tests were conducted on a set of chronic multi-taskers and another set of light multi-taskers to decide on the filtering ability, short term memory, ability to control their thoughts.

In one experiment, a set of rectangles(red and blue interspersed) were shown twice and the group of participants should identify if the orientation of red ones had changed from the 1st time. The light multi-taskers were comfortably able to divert their thoughts from blue rectangles but the chronic MT’s were distracted by them.
In another one, participants were shown images of alphabets and numbers. In one case, they should focus on alphabets identifying vowels, consonants and in the 2nd case ignoring numbers, participants should say odd or even. Again the chronic multi-taskers were not able to focus on one thing.

Ophir says “Light multi taskers have a greater tendency for top-down attentional control, and thus they may find it easier to attentionally focus on a single task in the face of distractions”. Multi-taskers try to acquire as much information as possible from every source in front of them there by working on something with another secondary thought running in the mind.

All these R & D, blah blah is good,but, personally I do not think the situation is going to get any simpler. Social networks, YouTube, Google, Twitter, News feeds along with all sms and chatting are going to rule our lives. Added to that is Google Wave which is going to be a real time update, synchronization and  integration of all the above said things, there is going to be little possibility for something called Attention span in life.

Instead of diverting thoughts every 3 minutes throughout the day (on an average), do it for every 30 minutes or 1 hour. Every now and then cut yourself off from all the frenzy, spend a day or two with no network connection atleast. Or as we all know our brain, could rewire itself over a period of time, to skillfully handle all threads of thought.

Arun Vallappan

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