What I could have done instead

October 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

On the way to lunch yesterday, in front of a subway station, I was approached by this little girl for donations to Red-cross.

Though I prefer donations to end-users directly and not to aid organizations, instead of troubling her with my preferences, ideals, etc, I did make a small donation! So far, all is well…

Later, at the other end of subway, another red-cross girl (may be it’s a school project or something!!), was collecting
funds.. Normally a gentlemanly-generous sort of person, I, for some reason chose to act otherwise this time!! 😐

Me, with a nice smiling face said – “I just made a donation to red-cross at so and so place… is it ok to pass by?”

She smilingly agreed and one was happy to finally get closer to lunch…

But what one could have done instead, is make a small donation… and probably added something like.. “This is my 2nd donation to red cross in the past 5 minutes.. but that’s ok, i really appreciate the great job you guys are doing for this… have a good day.. “

Now, how tough is that? It would have made her day and definitely mine too..

– Arun Vallappan


May 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

When something so small can bring a mountain of happiness…

Jihad, McWorld, Ayn Rand

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ohh man!

I was just reading up for my Marketing assignment on Jihad Vs McWorld. As it is Jihad is quite controversial and can lead to a never-ending list of why’s and why not’s..Mix it with capitalism and its implications for the marketing world. One is assured of a sleepless night!

While I can relate to many bits and pieces here, am not comfortable with my grasp. In the sense, did I reeeeeeally understand what Benjamin Barber (the author) really tried to say? …

In spite of that, went on to read opinions, reviews, the original article published in 1992 and then the actual book! Uff! Each reading seems a tad different than the original one. Now, with all surety, am going to put forth a new interpretation for my assignment…

Same case with some of those books (pillow-substitues) written by Ayn Rand or movies such as Shutter Island or Matrix or countless other works of art.. etc etc.. @#@$%^^%&^*

Was the purpose really to share knowledge/intellect or to provoke a mind resting at peace?

How to wade through the chaff ?? Is there really a deeper meaning? Can everything be attributed to a cause? The misery we (I) have got ourselves into! Amen.


– Arun Vallappan

An Outlying Dream

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dreams –

No idea how they form, why they occur, what they mean.. but man, they are so good. May be dreams are a way of remembering our past..?  I think there should be many categories of dreams. Some fall under “I wish it was this way”, “most pressing issue or thought in the present”..

Of the many dreams i have had, one that stands out is in which, I do something so horrible (i dont even want to mention), that I wonder, “How can this happen, am not such a bad person, may be this should be a dream”, and then I wake up.

The below one I had now, i think is an outlier too..

(some background information – my grand-mom passed away couple of years back. actually she brought me up. in the last few months, i shifted with my parents to a new house)

So, the dream happens in the old house, hall, sit-out, everything so clean and looking true! My grand-mom says she’s gonna leave. I kiss her bye on her cheeks and break down, crying. In a sublime way i realize she’s not going to come back. my mom looks at me from the sit-out quietly. she does not say a word.

something i don’t understand – though this dream happens in the past, the present state (where my grandmom is nt there), seems to have been known to me. + my grand-mom has not seen the new house. Is that why, the location was the old one? also, can a dream feature a group conversation, say three or four people including the dreamer?

then in another part of the dream, in my bedroom, within the same old house, i open up Google to check the time. Because, am not sure, how can i be in India, while I should be in Toronto! And normally to check the current time at another part on the world, I use Google. So, same way, I start with “Time at Canada”, hoping I can search for “Time at India” after that.

A page pops up, the usual one, in which at the top left , near the search box, current date/time is normally shown. But, the time/date text seems fluctuating, like so rapidly, its a blur! Am like, “WTF, What’s happening”…

something i don’t understand – does the concept of dream happen in a time-frame of its own? i have never had a dream (or at least don’t remember one), in which i know the date/day in which it is happening. why? 

Then after few moments of trying hard to understand, I wake up to see my Toronto apartment! Over!

So many questions! and no answers! Uffffffffff…

Ringing the bell at Toronto

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

A dream I never knew I had came true today. I happened to be part of a team that opened the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) few days back (Nov 28).. was a different experience..

Future Mining Leaders opening TSX!!

And the video – 🙂

 What a way to start a day!

That thing called love

February 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s been quite some time since I logged into my wordpress account, I had trouble remembering my password!

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance, I want to grow up once again”

Anyway, to get a perspective on my last 1.5 months,

  1. Watched 3 Idiots & Aayirathil Oruvan(a Tamil movie) around 10 times
  2. Spent a week and a half at my hometown on my Sister’s marriage function. Needless to say, we all had a great time..
  3. Spend around 100 hours in GMAT preparation
  4. Had an almost unforgettable Valentines day (for not the reasons anyone would expect, thou!)
  5. Dined at a 7 star hotel once (and a worthy one it was)
  6. Spent 16.5 hours on an average over the last 2 weeks in office
  7. Found a person with bandwidth similar to mine
  8. Lost my senses couple of times (including once last night 🙂 )

And the ones which can’t be quantified:

Falling in love deeply! 😛 , Liking everyone more & more. Loving myself more than ever!

Arun Vallappan

The Perfect Day

January 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

The notion of ‘perfect’, I think, is subject to the person we are talking about. It depends on values, beliefs, aspirations,  expectations on you, current state of existence & past too.

My perfect self would like to do lots of things of interest without worrying about the limiting world of time & space, at the same time trying to live up to every expectation.

Yesterday, the 31st of December 2009 was one such day, ok, almost one such day. 🙂 In no way, I could have possibly shuffled between all the roles (a friend, self, employee of  Wells Fargo, entrepreneurial drives..) better. Needless to say I was glad with the ending.

Rewinding back to 31st:
Woke up at 8 with the alarm being snoozed from 6 30..had a quite breakfast like the calm before the storm. Jotted down my ideas on a project (entrepreneurial of course), sent it a friend for his thoughts. Left for office.

The full day was supposed to be spent for a video which we are planning to show for our company town-hall. But, there were enough tasks for 3 hours waiting in my inbox. Good. While I was at it, got paged for 2 production issues. For, non IT folk’s production issue means ‘there is something wrong with server/application that is live’. If fixing the issue takes more than an hour, lots of important folks in US need to be informed whatever time of the night it is. This was in a day, when both my team mates are on vacation. 🙂 Awesome!

After missing my lunch time by 2 hours, around 4 PM we started with the video when we realized the battery is down, uff. Spending an hour with arranging the tripod stand, we were close to completion at 6 30 pm.

Wrapped up all the work, tripods, cameras and started for the 7:10 show, 3 idiots at INOX. Reached the INOX complex at 7:30 after a classic-metro-festival-traffic jam & bike breaking down thrice. Hmm… In a hurry, I had left my mobile at the flat. With Sreekanth, Shalini inside the hall & me outside without the tickets/seat number, it was a nightmare. In the whole of Hyderabad, I remember only 3 mobile numbers(including mine). Equipped with that knowledge tracked down Shalini’s number only to find that it’s switched off. WTF!
So, with the security accompanying me inside the hall, I found them, finally! All was well after that. 😛

3 Idiots
One cool movie. Though did not get much of the Hindi dialogues, loved it. Especially the ambidextrous psycho director, Rancho mixing up all the papers after late submission & baby kicking for ‘All Is Well’. Haha. Good watch. Fitting for a Dec 31st.

We were having Chocolate dessert & Iced tea when the world (in IST) silently plunged into 2010. Happy New Year everyone!

Arun Vallappan

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