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Awesomeness at its best! 🙂


Keep It Simple Silly!

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It’s also called Minimalism. Am a big fan of this school of thought or atleast lately i have become one. Keeping things as simple as possible.

As the name suggests, its is all about stripping something to the bare essentials. Making it un-cluttered. Right kind of emphasis given to each object in the space. This kind of improves the aesthetics of the visual..

Though, it was described in art, music, etc from the 70’s in terms of web design, Google was the 1st to establish it. With its search box only Google stands out even now. We see n number of websites which have followed Google’s footsteps (Cuil, Wolfram|Alpha).

Here are some impressive websites for inspiration..

1. Section Seven

Section Seven

2. Apple

Apple-Classic example

3. Subtraction


4. RED


5. Loot Store

Loot Store

6. Pure Volume

Pure Volume

7. Parley Studio

Parley Studio

8. BrynnSheperd




10. Hello

… This is an endless list. If you have come across any website making an impression, add it in the comments section.

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