Song: Jiyein Kyun

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Beautiful in my eyes

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A Slow Video

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“Every decision in a sculpture has a lot of man hours associated with it…”

The video is about a perfectionist who loves to work with his hands… The whole time I was watching, time seem ‘ed to stop! The world went at the pace of the frames…  Exceptionally well done work!

Beat It This Year! :)

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A Foolishly Romantic Song

December 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, another favorite song..

If you don’t understand the language Tamil (in which this is sung), that’s ok, just think of your loved one and the music will take care of the rest, it will carry you to the stars and beyond ..

If you do understand Tamil, then there is nothing like this!  🙂

Waka Waka

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This one’s never tiring! For shakira or for the spirit (or for the day), I would n’t ever know! 🙂

Its Only Words

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This world has lost its glory, let’s start a brand new story now, my love …


P.S (June 2012) – Looks like the video could not be embedded but can be watched at Youtube, too bad, but yeah!

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